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MxG 5
MxG 5

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$ 239.95
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Designed like no other for those who play like no other: With MxG, the MxG 5 features the first racquet technology that combines precision-injected Magnesium and Graphene to provide the ultimate balance of power and control like no other racquet ever before. In addition, the racquet also provides ultimate stability at a very low weight to support players at each level to raise their game. Based on a completely new way to engineer a racquet, the racquet features an innovative Magnesium Bridge construction that allows for longer free-moving main strings which leads to a much larger sweet spot and, ultimately, more power. At the same time, the molded bridge ensures that the hoop does not deform under pressure, which gives the player total control on every shot. The MxG 5 is the perfect racquet for ambitious players who need more power.


Weight (unstrung):275 g / 9.7 oz
String pattern:16/18
Head size:680 cm² / 105 in²
Grip size:1-3
Balance:335 mm / 0.4 in HL
Length:690 mm / 27.2 in
Beam:24/26/22 mm


  • MxG is the fusion of Magnesium and Graphene Touch to give you a balance of power and control like no other racquet

Recommended Strings

Touch:Hawk Touch



Customer Reviews

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Great Equipment Makes A Difference Review by Ontheline / (Posted on 6/21/2017)
I tried this out as a Demo and wow I am hooked. The racket has it all.... Power, Control, and ball Shaping ability. It is very lite so it feels like you can react faster if you are in trouble and it seems to absorb off center hits without jacking your arm. I tried a Wilson that was a power model but the ball just launched off the head and sails with little to no spin. I am a 6ft 3 player and hit a strong top spin fore hand and this new Head racquet gives you the power and still delivers the spin/control to drive my friends nuts. This thing just delivers, not marketing hype.
1 item(s)
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